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About Condense

You want to extract one paragraph of text from a pdf your coworker sent you? One quote from your professor's presentation? A couple of code lines from this tutorial clip on your favourite movie platform? It's just one hotkeypress away. OCR everything on the fly.

Condense is the product of many frustrating years of using overly complicated OCR software. "Take a screenshot, boot up your OCR suite, select the area you want to extract, select an output file..." Oftentimes typing out is faster than walking through this procedure.

Condense solves this: Easy setup, fast selection and an elegant solution.
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"Condense has saved me so much time organizing all my notes and wireframes. And it was so easy to set up!"
- @NealGist
"Every now and then an app manages to amaze me: OCR anything you see on your monitor. Useful!"

- @Cocoanetics
"You created something and this is the closest thing to magic we can ever be. Congrats!"
- Peter (via. Reddit)

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